Tube Union Elbow L Series

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Stauff Connect L (Light) Series Tube Union Elbow

Metric Tube Union Elbow Specifications PDF


  • Tube Diameter: Select size below pricing
  • Material: Steel, zinc/nickel-plated
  • Series: L (Light) Series
  • Standards: DIN 2353
  • Body without cutting ring and nut is available upon request
Part Number
 Tube O.D. Size
FI-W-06L-W3-MS 6 mm
FI-W-08L-W3-MS 8 mm
FI-W-10L-W3-MS 10 mm
FI-W-10L-W3-MS 12 mm
FI-W-15L-W3-MS 15 mm
FI-W-18L-W3-MS 18 mm
FI-W-22L-W3-MS 22 mm
FI-W-28L-W3-MS 28 mm
FI-W-35L-W3-MS 35 mm
FI-W-42L-W3-MS 42 mm


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